Since Roman times Slovenia’s unique hot-mineral waters were an epithet for health in the Royal courts of Europe. Centuries, people have pampered themselves in the hot Slovenian springs, their soothing effects have characterised the towns that now live with them. Out of this rich heritage under the Slovenian sun, fifteen registered natural health resorts and spas have developed. The green wealth of the natural environment, the features of the local countryside and their traditions intertwine with top-quality medical knowledge, the beauty of body and soul and the individual desires of modern-day people. The amazing range of health, pampering, recreation and socialising programmes invite you, your family or friends to indulge in this Slovenian institution.

Top 10 SPA & WELLNES Resorts in Slovenia

1. Olimia SPA – Podčetrtek

The most prestigious slovenian Wellness Orhidelia, unique Selfness programmes and water adventures make Terme Olimia one of the most popular spas in Slovenia. No wonder it made ur list of top 10 spa resorts in Slovenia. With excellent facilities and gorgeous surroundings, it isn’t hard to see why.

2. Thermana Laško

On the banks of the Savinja River, Terme Laško offers the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Its thermal centre is located under a futuristic glass dome, and fitness treatments abound throughout, with glorious saunas to boot. 

3. Terme Čatež

 Close to the town of Brežice, Čatež offers a mix of wellness, business and recreation. It also happens to thave the largest indoor thermal pool in the country, with a surface area covering some 2300 square metres.

4. Dolenjske Toplice

 Some 13km southwest of Novo Mesto, Dolenjske Toplice is picturesquely located on the edge of the Kočevje forests. Its warm calcium rich waters are full of healing properties too, perfect to revive even the weariest.

5. Moravske Toplice – Terme 3000

Moravske toplice are also among the top 10 spa resorts in Slovenia. In the Prekmurje region of Slovenia, all types of water fun are on offer at Moravske Toplice. There is also all natural ‘black water’, reaching temperatures we can scarcely believe, all delivered in a most fun family-friendly atmosphere.

6. Portorož – Spa by the sea

A unique spa by the sea with more than 800 years of tradition, Life-Class Portorož offers one of the greatest thermal, health and wellness experiences available in Europe. Make sure you visit Portorož resort as it is without a doubt our top spa resort in Slovenia. Relax with natural sea elements, swim in the sea all year round, and enjoy the amazing views that the Slovenian coast has to offer.

7. Rimske Terme

 Located only 15 minutes from Celje, Rimske Terme manages tomaintain a secluded atmosphere thanks to its position tucked away on forested hillside overlooking the Savinja river, while its historical credentials are also unsurpassed, taking its name from the 1st century Roman baths that were built here.

8. Rogaška Resort

Number 8 on our top 10 spa resorts in Slovenia is the Rogaška Resort. Hidden in a hills of Štajerska, Rogaška Slatina is famous for its centuries old traditions and healing mineral water, which is used in modern diagnostic and curative programmes, as well as for relaxation, peace, harmony and wellbeing.

9. Terme Dobrna

With more than 600 years of ancient history behind, Terme Dobrna is today a modern dynamic tourist and health resort. Climate and stunning natural environment, relaxation and friendliness attract guests from around the world.

10. Terme Zreče

Last but not least on our list of top spa resorts in Slovenia are Terme Zreče. In a none-more-idyllic setting, Zreče offers a vast range of far-eastern therapy among other treats. Special packages for pairs are available, on top of a plethora of beauty offerings.

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